assessment development services

Assessment is a world of its own with its own language and customs. Victory lives there. Our assessment teams wield decades of instructional design experience, are fluent in the CCSS and NGSS standards, and have developed a streamlined process to satisfy your test-item requirements with speed and accuracy.

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  • item orders
  • passage selection
  • passage permissioning
  • writing items
  • technical art production
  • bias review
  • correlations
  • cold-solves

custom software services

You want to build rich, full-featured products that perfectly fit teachers’ and students’ needs. We tailor apps, websites, learning objects, visualizations, and big data systems to your needs and the needs of your audience. Victory’s software services can help—from brainstorming bold and pedagogically sound interactivity to pounding out Objective C.

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  • print-to-ebook conversion
  • Flash-to-HTML5 conversion
  • interface design
  • experience design
  • web development
  • web apps
  • desktop applications
  • digital whiteboard applications
  • mobile applications
  • online courseware
  • data visualization
  • game development
  • data entry
  • user testing
  • quality assurance

curriculum services

Your product is unique—whether you are updating it or starting from scratch. Victory’s in-house staff of content, publishing, and technology experts will work with you at the planning stage and continue through to delivery of the finished product. Or Victory can pick up at any point where you could use the help.

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  • project management
  • content development
  • scope and sequence
  • correlations
  • instructional design
  • writing
  • editing
  • copyediting and proofreading
  • translation
  • graphic design
  • identity design
  • layout
  • templating
  • composition
  • photo research
  • photo permissioning
  • commissioning illustrations
  • color correction
  • prepress

world languages

Translate your current product or develop new content for curriculum or assessment in the language of your target audience. The Victory World Languages team of native linguists and content specialists will help you, using our proprietary tools and pedagogical expertise to meet your language needs.

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    • all subject areas
    • online, mobile, & print
    • content development
    • concept prototyping
    • translation & transadaptation
    • localized or “neutral” Spanish
    • all modern languages
    • cultural diversity & sensitivity
    • accuracy & consistency
    • proprietary terminology tools
    • cutting-edge translation tools
    • strict QA guidelines
    • authentic literature research
    • original art & graphs
    • photo research
    • audio, video, & social media
    • permissions
    • project management

professional learning services

We are educators, leaders, researchers, and lifelong learners. We understand your challenges and recognize your impact. From practical strategies for reaching a wider range of students to large-scale standards alignment, Victory collaborates with you to plan, design, facilitate, or evaluate any of your professional development efforts.

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    • designing PD models/efforts
    • standards alignment
    • program evaluation
    • instructional coaching
    • curriculum audit & design
    • research-based instruction
    • diverse learners (EL, SPED)
    • data-driven decision-making
    • performance assessment
    • project-based learning
    • online learning
    • infusing technology
    • STEM implementation
    • literacy across content areas
    • multimedia support materials

metacog services™

Use metacog™ to instrument learning objects, capture learner-generated data, analyze the data, and create custom visualizations that instantly tell the story. metacog™ shows teachers how students arrived at an answer. It changes everything.

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  • instrument learning objects/assessments

    • metacog™ is an Internet-scale API implemented in the cloud to handle real-time data from tens of millions of students.
    • Victory will instrument your existing learning objects and assessments or create new metacog-enabled objects for you.
  • capture and analyze learner-generated data

    • metacog™ securely captures, analyzes, delivers, scores, and visualizes student data.
    • metacog™ uses fine-grained digital observation, not to replace the teacher, but to put a diligent teacher aide at the elbow of every student.
  • customized dashboards and visualizations

    • Victory builds custom dashboards if you need any beyond the built-in options-for teachers, administrators, and developers.
    • metacog™ visualizations instantly show the approaches taken by one or more students, by a classroom, a school, or a district.

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