• Active Classroom

    Active Classroom

    Victory built Active Classroom, a robust LMS for both teachers and students. Students can perform multi-dimensional analysis in rich, engaging ways using embedded video and interactive tools such as Google Maps, Image Examiner, and video conferencing. Teachers can create lessons from a library of materials organized by subject area, era, theme, activity type, text complexity, and assessment type, all correlated to CCSS or state standards. The system collects, records, and tracks data on student progress. It’s a perfect tool for ongoing professional learning.

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  • EduWidgets shared widgets page


    Victory Productions conceptualized and developed this digital interactive authoring and collaboration system for the Virginia Department of Education. The idea is simple: Students become fully engaged when empowered to publish. At www.eduwidgets.org, students create timelines, graphs, and interactive images to share with the world upon teacher approval. Once published, students can embed widgets in websites and iBooks. They collaborate by copying and modifying files in Shared Widgets. Teachers also use EduWidgets to share curriculum. To get the ball rolling, Victory produced 26 exemplars in all four disciplines across K–12.

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  • E-Examples Flash applets screenshot


    NCTM’s website provides activities to support teaching specific K–12 standards. Fifteen of these were aging Java applets in dire need of an electronic facelift. Working with NCTM, Victory’s math editors created even better illustrations of the standards. Our designers and programmers built Flash applets that fit smoothly into their site layout. The reinvigorated applets look friendlier, perform more fluidly and interactively, and include a whole new level of functionality.

  • Common Core Standards and Strategies iPad app screenshot

    Common Core Standards and Strategies

    Mentoring Minds, the publisher of a popular series of flipcharts describing Common Core standards, recognized a demand for a similar product in digital form. Victory created an iPad app that simplifies browsing through the standards. Teachers can easily follow the progress of a standard, from its introduction in the early grades through its more advanced forms in the secondary grades.

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  • TouchMath Plus

    TouchMath Plus

    In the TouchMath program, from Innovative Learning Concepts, special-education and struggling students of all ages build proficiencies with numbers through a system that engages learners on auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic levels. Victory used a set of HTML5 technologies to create a rich web-based front end that offers convenient online access to familiar worksheets and reproducible materials in digital form.

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