Read the story titled "A New Kind of Kitten." Then answer the question.

A New Kind of Kitten

  1. Haley was helping her dad fill the birdfeeders with sunflower seeds when she saw a patch of tall grass wiggle. The grass grew in thick, wild clumps around the roots of a big oak tree, so no one ever cut it.
  2. The grass shook again as if it were alive. Haley put down the birdfeeder she was holding.
  3. “Haley? What is it?” her dad asked.
  4. “There’s something in the grass,” Haley said quietly. She pointed to the bottom of the tree.
  5. Her dad turned to look. They both watched the grass, but it didn’t move.
  6. “Are you sure you saw something, Haley?”
  7. Haley knew what she saw. She had what her mother called “eagle eyes.” Haley noticed the slightest movements, even from far away.
  8. Haley wanted a closer look. She tiptoed to the tree and peered down at the ground. Haley noticed the faintest tremble in the blades of grass and parted them as though they were curtains. She gasped.
  9. “Haley! What do you see?” her dad called out.
  10. Curled up in the grass was a tiny ball of gray fur. The little ball of fur had a little white belly, which rose and fell with each breath. Haley knew exactly what it was. She ran back to her dad.
  11. “It’s a baby squirrel!”
  12. Her dad groaned.
  13. “Dad, I know you don’t like squirrels because they eat all the birdseed, but this one is only a baby. We need to help it!”
  14. Haley’s dad sighed and hung the filled birdfeeder on its pole. “All right, let me take a look at it. Go inside and tell your mother.”
  15. Haley smiled as she raced to the door.
  16. “Don’t let the cat out!” her dad called from behind.
  17. Haley didn’t need to worry about Bobbins. Bobbins had five kittens and was busy cleaning, feeding, and snuggling with them.
  18. Haley’s mother was at the kitchen table working on a number puzzle. Her little brother Jason was there, too.
  19. “Mom! I found a baby squirrel!”
  20. Jason jumped out of his seat. “What! I want to see!” He stuck his feet in his sneakers without tying the laces and asked, “Where is it?”
  21. “Haley, Jason, stay put,” said their mother firmly. “A baby squirrel is still a wild animal.”
  22. “But it needs our help!” Haley protested. “I think it fell from its nest in the oak tree.”
  23. The kitchen door opened, and Haley’s father appeared, holding a shoebox. He shrugged at their mother. He set the shoebox down on the table. Something squeaked from inside.
  24. Haley bent over the box. The baby squirrel lay in a bed of leaves. Its eyes were closed, but its short, black whiskers twitched. Haley thought the squirrel looked like one of Bobbins’ kittens. The squirrel squeaked again. Jason poked Haley so he could get a peek.
  25. “Can we keep it?” Jason asked.
  26. “I know it’s cute,” their mother said, “but we need to call the animal hospital. They’ll know what to do.”
  27. Haley felt something furry rub against her legs. Before she knew what was happening, Bobbins jumped up on the table.
  28. “Bobbins!” their father exclaimed. He was about to take Bobbins away, but Haley shouted, “Wait!”
  29. Bobbins sniffed the box. Her ears perked up at each squeak. Then she poked her head inside. Haley leaned forward to watch. Bobbins smelled the squirrel’s body, from its head to its tail. Then Bobbins did something unbelievable. She began licking the squirrel.
  30. “Bobbins is eating the squirrel!” cried Jason.
  31. Their mother glanced inside the box and chuckled. “Bobbins thinks the squirrel is her kitten.
  32. Bobbins was purring loudly. The squirrel was alert but had stopped squeaking.
  33. “All right, Bobbins, you can be the squirrel’s mama until we know what to do with it,” said their father.
  34. Haley smiled and petted the cat. “You are a good mother, Bobbins.”


Part A

Which sentence describes Haley’s dad?

  A.  He cares about animals.

  B.  He knows how to hide animals.

  C.  He likes looking for wild animals.

  D.  He keeps animals he finds as pets.

Part B

Choose one sentence from the story that supports the answer to Part A. Click and drag that sentence into the box below.


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