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What’s Next? Part 3: Assessment

This is the third in our series of posts about the changing landscape in education.

In the video below, Victory’s staff discuss what’s next in assessment. We’ve added a few more thoughts below. Feel free to use the comments to join in the conversation.

A Variation on “The Chicken or the Egg?”

Which comes first, change in curriculum or change in assessment? Often people see standards as a driver of change, and certainly both assessment and curriculum are affected by standards reform. But as it is with so many things, you don’t really know what it is (or can be) until you see it in action.

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What’s Next? Part 2: Curriculum

In this video, Victory’s editorial directors for STEM and ELA/Social Studies discuss what’s new and what’s next in curriculum development. Below are links to resources alluded to in the discussion.

It has always been true that technological advances change education. Here we examine more deeply why these changes take place and discuss (in historical context) how new technologies have changed how we develop curriculum. We also share specific exemplars of quality curriculum development and pedagogical practice.
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