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What’s Next? Part 2: Curriculum

In this video, Victory’s editorial directors for STEM and ELA/Social Studies discuss what’s new and what’s next in curriculum development. Below are links to resources alluded to in the discussion.

It has always been true that technological advances change education. Here we examine more deeply why these changes take place and discuss (in historical context) how new technologies have changed how we develop curriculum. We also share specific exemplars of quality curriculum development and pedagogical practice.
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Rapid Prototype for the K–12 OER Collaborative

Victory is proud to have been chosen to develop a rapid prototype for the K–12 OER Collaborative (see the press release below). We are developing high school mathematics.

Open Educational Resources (OER), Standards, and What’s Next in Education

As Jennifer Wolfe of The Learning Accelerator states, Victory and the other rapid prototype developers have significant track records in developing rigorous, standards-based educational resources.
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The Next Wave of Competency Portfolios

Victory’s spin-off, metacog, is up and running. As with any breakthrough technology, it may take some time for people to realize its full potential.

One promising area has been getting a lot of buzz lately: competency portfolios. Originally, portfolios were the domain of artists or architects, and competency portfolios retain a visual emphasis. You want to see what someone can do. Show me! However, a competency portfolio is typically summarized by a report, and you can’t always see the work behind the badges or microcredentials. This is especially true for open-ended assessments that in the past haven’t been machine-scorable.

That can all change with metacog. Watch our video on competency portfolios to learn more.
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Technology-Enhanced Item (TEI) for Grade 1

When I was executive editor of Weekly Reader, I was often struck by how challenging it was to put together a weekly magazine for the lowest grades. Now, we faced similar challenges in developing a technology enhanced item (TEI) for first graders. They may be digital natives, but they are still 6 years old.

If you have been following our blog, you have seen our first two TEI prototypes. Our primary-grades team engaged in extensive discussions as they developed a technology enhanced item for Grade 1. Please watch this 4-minute video and use the Comments to give us feedback.
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EdTech: Long-Term Convergences

As we leap ahead in the EdTech era, we wanted to look back a moment and put EdTech in perspective. This video explains three long-term convergences we see:

  • convergence of content and interactivity through technology;
  • convergence of what had been isolated “silos” of curriculum; and
  • convergence of instruction and assessment, which had been distinct phases of the education process.

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