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group portrait of Victory Productions staff

Victory delivers!

Educational publishers expect a development partner with innovative solutions, deep content knowledge, focused communications, effective project management, and the pedagogical and technological expertise to fulfill the changing requirements of the market.

Victory develops engaging, content-rich, individualized learning experiences that are accessible at any time, and available on multiple platforms.

  • Assessments (high-stakes, formative, technology-enhanced, performance-based)
  • Basal and supplemental programs for all areas of the curriculum
  • iBooks textbooks and other EPUB platforms, iPad apps/mobile apps, websites, online courses, LMS, LCMS, interactive labs, simulations, games, and animations
  • HTML5 and iOS conversions and products
  • Big Data analytics, multidimensional item-bank analytics, linguistic pattern analytics, visual grade books, natural language clustering engines, concept maps
  • Bilingual products, modern language programs

Founded in 1995, Victory’s headquarters are in Worcester, Massachusetts, with a wholly owned facility in Medellín, Colombia. Our relationships with global universities and industry organizations help to keep the company on the cutting edge of educational technology.


  • portrait of Victoria Porras

    Victoria Porras


    Chief Executive Officer

  • portrait of Raúl Porras

    Raúl Porras

    Deputy Executive Director

    Chief Financial Officer

  • portrait of Neil Saunders

    Neil Saunders

    Executive Director

  • portrait of Owen Lawlor

    Owen Lawlor

    Director, Strategic Technology

marketing and sales

  • portrait of Joel Gendler

    Joel Gendler

    Director of Product Development

  • portrait of Stephen Pekich

    Stephen Pekich

    Product Development Consultant

  • portrait of Charles Hartford

    Charles Hartford

    Director of Business Development

  • portrait of Dan Souers

    Dan Souers

    Director of Business Development

development and graphic services

  • portrait of Haris Papamichael

    Haris Papamichael

    Director, Educational Technology

  • portrait of Carlos Porras

    Carlos Porras

    Editorial Director, World Languages Division

  • portrait of Donald Laurila

    Donald Laurila

    Editorial Director, English Language, Social Studies, Math, and Science

Linden Colombia (a wholly owned subsidiary of Victory)

  • portrait of Erik Jongezoon

    Erik Jongezoon

    Executive Director, Linden Colombia


  • Design Science develops software used by educators, scientists and publishing professionals, including MathType, Equation Editor in Microsoft Office, MathFlow, MathDaisy and MathPlayer, to communicate on the web and in print.

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