assessment development services

Assessment is a world of its own with its own language and customs. Victory lives there. Our assessment teams wield decades of instructional design experience, are fluent in CCSS, and have developed a streamlined process to satisfy your test-item requirements with speed and accuracy.

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  • item orders
  • passage selection
  • passage permissioning
  • writing items
  • technical art production
  • bias review
  • correlations
  • cold-solves

custom software services

You want to build rich, full-featured products that perfectly fit teachers’ and students’ needs. We tailor apps, web sites, learning objects, visualizations, and big data systems to your needs and the needs of your audience. Victory’s software services can help—from brainstorming bold and pedagogically sound interactivity to pounding out Objective C.

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  • print-to-ebook conversion
  • Flash-to-HTML5 conversion
  • interface design
  • experience design
  • web development
  • web apps
  • desktop applications
  • digital whiteboard applications
  • mobile applications
  • online courseware
  • data visualization
  • game development
  • data entry
  • user testing
  • quality assurance

educational publishing services

Your product is unique—whether you are updating it or starting from scratch. Victory’s in-house staff of content, publishing, and technology experts will work with you at the planning stage and continue through to delivery of the finished product. Or Victory can pick up at any point where you could use the help.

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  • project management
  • content development
  • scope and sequence
  • correlations
  • instructional design
  • writing
  • editing
  • copyediting and proofreading
  • translation
  • graphic design
  • identity design
  • layout
  • templating
  • composition
  • photo research
  • photo permissioning
  • commissioning illustrations
  • color correction
  • prepress

consulting services

Victory has mastered new technologies and expanded its view of educational publishing. We have gathered the experts in one place for you. Challenge us with the thorniest of projects. There is a solution. Let’s discover it together.

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  • print-to-digital transitions

    • select technology to match product goals
    • adapt or repurpose existing content with or without enhancements
    • create new digital learning programs
    • fixed layout (one trim/screen size) to responsive design (dynamically adapt to multiple devices)
  • business model transitions

    • per-copy (perpetual) to per-student/per-school (subscription) revenue models
    • top-down selling to bottom-up selling (freemium, socially-networked, multiple price/feature points)
    • re-engineer products for changing or adjacent markets (brand extension)
  • instructional transitions

    • embedded assessment using technology-enhanced item types
    • performance task designs
    • migrate from whole-class instruction (with limited RTI) to small-group or individual adaptive learning
    • split omnibus titles into collections of learning objects supporting multiple pathways
  • architectural/process transitions

    • select and/or customize cloud-based platforms for instruction, assessment, or content-development
    • design collaborative digital workflow and recommend tooling/components

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