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Victory Productions continues to develop its select database of highly experienced editorial and publishing professionals. For many projects, we call on our extensive network of freelance specialists—writers, editors, proofreaders, designers, compositors, photographers, illustrators—to assemble the right team to match the content needs of each job.

We are always looking for freelancers in graphic design, page composition, illustration, writing, and editing. We are also currently accepting résumés for the positions below.

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  • Project Operations Manager

    Company Overview

    Victory Productions was founded in 1995 as a content development, design, and composition company working for major educational publishers in both English and Spanish. Twelve years ago the company recognized and fully embraced the opportunities afforded by technology and began producing a rich array of digital and online products. Today, Victory offers a unique mix of content and technology expertise, coupled with impeccable project management. Victory’s nimble and decisive environment fosters collaboration among in-house teams, expert freelancers, and our clients to bring inspired products to fruition.

    Position Summary

    Onsite position based in Worcester, MA.

    We are looking for an experienced Project Operations Manager. The ideal candidate will have a solid background in project management with proven skills in setting up, implementing, and accomplishing projects as well as relevant experience in the publishing industry. He or she will have previously been responsible for managing complex, multifaceted projects as well as multiple smaller projects. The ideal candidate will have excellent organizational, team building, communication, and technology skills as well as a high level of proficiency in creating, maintaining, and overseeing detailed schedules and budgets. Please submit your resume to


    The Project Operations Manager’s ultimate responsibility is ensuring that all of Victory’s projects are run smoothly, efficiently and productively, and that they are completed on time, within budget, to the satisfaction or our clients, while achieving a profit.

    Essential Functions and Expectations:

    1. Oversees the work of all project coordinators with the goal of structuring all job assignments and workflows for maximum efficiency.
    2. Provides leadership and management direction to the project coordinators , mentoring and training them to enhance their individual skills, their project coordination capabilities, and their overall growth and development.
    3. Runs projects personally, as needed.
    4. Works closely and collaboratively with all other heads of Victory’s Operations team (Editorial Directors, Design and Production Directors, Director of Technology) to ensure that projects are optimally organized, monitored and completed.
    5. Attends the daily Operations meeting and notes the progress of each potential project in order to predict future staffing needs and unique requirements or special needs.
    6. Studies all Cost and Bid Forms and bid submissions to acquire a working knowledge of projects and how these will be executed to achieve a profit. Reviews the Final Bid Won and the contract/SOW in order to prepare Job in Progress (JIP) documents for each new project.
    7. Ensures records of each project are kept up to date and monitors each project for red flags that could impact profitability.
    8. Works with all Operations heads to recruit, interview and train the necessary and appropriate personnel for each project.
    9. Supervises a complete and thorough review of each project after its completion to assess results and profitability. Ensures that each internal and external person who contributed to the project is rated on the basis efficiency, timeliness and quality, and determines the overall project’s profitability.


    • A good understanding of the general publishing process – both digital and print - including editorial, graphic services, copyediting & proofreading, and technology.
    • Financial acumen and budgetary experience.
    • A Bachelor's degree in English, Communication Studies, Journalism, Education, or a related field; equivalent work experience may be substituted for degree.
    • Substantial project management experience in educational publishing or a similar field.
    • Exhibits a positive, “can do” attitude at all times and works collaboratively with colleagues to troubleshoot, problem solve, and brainstorm whenever necessary.
    • Communicates clearly and effectively at all times in verbal and written form with both colleagues and clients. Listens actively and attentively as appropriate with both colleagues and clients.
    • Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task.
    • Three or more years of successful team management experience.
    • Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and project management software and ability to quickly learn Victory’s own relational databases utilizing FileMaker.
    • High level of soft skills with a proven record of being a team player, getting along with others, as well as the ability to work independently.
    • Superior skill level with Excel, Microsoft Word, Outlook, and project management software.
    • Three years of editorial or copyediting/proofreading experience.


    • Salary negotiable depending on skills and experience. Please submit desired salary range.
    • Health and 401k Plans


    Victory is already a recognized innovator in electronic media. Blended learning, the use of integrated medias and technologies like eBooks, videos, print, online courses and social interaction, are an integral part of the company’s development efforts. We’re also leading the way in the research of Big Data applications for education. This expertise puts Victory in a leadership role in the industry, providing a meaningful contribution to the evolution of education in the US.

    Victory Productions has many industry firsts:

    • Two of the first iBook Textbooks to be sold on the iTunes Store: the Economics series and Breaking the Spanish Barrier.
    • The first K-6 online component to be submitted as an integral part of a state adoption. This 2005 K-6 social studies basal program swept California.
    • The first social studies iPad textbook app (grade 4) as part of the Commonwealth of Virginia's Beyond Textbooks initiative.
    • One of the first databases to track standards as early as 2004.
    • The first multi-touch LMS. Teachers choose the grade and state social studies standard to be taught. Lessons and content individualized for each student are presented, and the results are recorded and compiled.

    Victory continues to develop engaging, content rich, individualized learning experiences that are accessible at any time and available on multiple platforms.

    • Assessments (high-stakes, formative, technology-enhanced, CCSS performance tasks).
    • Basal and supplemental programs for all curriculum areas.
    • iBooks Textbooks and other EPUB platforms, iPad Apps/Mobile Apps, Web sites, online courses, LMS, LCMS, interactive labs, simulations, games, and animations.
    • HTML5 and iOS conversions and products.
    • Big Data analytics, multidimensional item-bank analytics, linguistic pattern analytics, visual grade books, natural language clustering engines, concept maps.
    • Bilingual products, modern language programs.

    Victory has the expertise to provide the full array of publishing services from the conception, creation and marketing for emerging educational products and technologies. Come be a part of our team!

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    Job Posted: August 2016

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